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Arcade Card Terms

Arcade Card Terms

Arcade Card Terms and Conditions

1.  Validity and Expiration:

  • Gift cards purchased in New York State on or after December 10, 2022, will remain valid for a minimum of nine years from the date of purchase
  • If the remaining value of a gift card or gift certificate is less than five dollars, the recipient has the option to receive cash for the balance.

2.  Prohibited Fees:

All fees related to gift cards and gift certificates are prohibited under the new law. This includes:

  • Activation fees
  • Retroactive fees
  • Redemption fees
  • Service fees
  • Dormancy fees
  • Latency fees
  • Administrative fees
  • Handling fees
  • Access fees
  • Periodic fees
  • Renewal fees
  • Re-loading fees
  • Any other fee of any kind.

3.  Exceptions:

A gift card or gift certificate redeemable at multiple, unaffiliated merchants or service providers may charge a one-time activation fee, not to exceed $9.

4.  Display of Terms:

Businesses must prominently post the ‘Terms and Conditions’ that apply to their gift cards. This includes information on how to replace a missing card.

5.  Consumer Protection

  • Nine years of validity for gift cards.
  • Cash redemption for balances under five dollars.
  • No decline in value due to fees.


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