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Celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day with Water Safari Resort

Celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day with Water Safari Resort

Old Forge, NY – As part of National Plan for Vacation on January 26, Water Safari Resort is offering a special offer. Buy $200 in Vacation Splash Cash and get a $20 bonus splash cash card free.

National Plan for Vacation Day takes place during the last Tuesday in January as a day to encourage Americans to plan their vacation days for the entire year at the start of the year. While much of the country continues to face rising case numbers and travel restrictions, National Plan for Vacation Day is chance to do what is safe and productive: plan.

National Plan for Vacation Day coincides with the Let’s Go There initiative to encourage Americans to still plan—or even book—future vacations, or to simply keep their travel flame alive and think about their next trip.

Let’s Go There is led by a coalition of businesses and organizations, including many of the most recognizable U.S. brands from both within and outside the travel sector, whose mission is perfectly aligned with NPVD: As you plan your future trips, the travel industry is ready to safely welcome you back—when you’re ready.

“It’s been a challenging year, and I know we have all missed traveling and exploring our great country,” said U.S. Travel President and CEO Roger Dow. “While many are not yet ready or able to take a vacation, we are encouraging Americans to pull out their calendars on January 26 and get a future trip on the books—even if that just means dreaming about your next getaway.”

“In the face of so much uncertainty, and with more than 63% of Americans saying they desperately need a vacation, National Plan for Vacation Day is the perfect opportunity for Americans to renew their love of travel and to look ahead to better days.”

There is a wealth of information that says simply planning a vacation can increase happiness, with 97% of survey respondents saying that having a trip planned makes them happier. Further,
survey data shows that 84% of Americans are excited to plan a vacation in the next six months, indicating an impending surge in travel demand once conditions improve.

With so many great travel deals to be had, Water Safari Resort advises savvy vacation planners who are able to book future trips now to take advantage of these offers before demand picks up.

For a limited time, when you purchase $200 worth of Splash Cash get $20 in BONUS for a total of $220 to use towards anything at Water Safari Resort! Customize your vacation by staying at the Water’s Edge Inn or Old Forge Camping Resort, then playing at Water Safari and Calypso’s Cove!

These Vacation gift cards come in the form of “Splash Cash” and can be used anytime year-round (not just summer) for an Adirondack Vacation Experience at Old Forge Camping Resort or Water’s Edge Inn! Book a guest room, luxury suite, cabin, cottage, RV, or tent site, or choose one of our popular discounted packages including Romance Packages, Adirondack Getaway Packages, year-round camping and more! Splash Cash can be purchased online today to give as a gift instantly or use personally for a future visit.

“Water Safari Resort is celebrating National Plan for Vacation Day to encourage Americans to plan ahead for future travel and take some much-needed time off,” said Katie Wojdyla, Director of Marketing for Water Safari Resort. “By committing to planning on January 26, Americans can all enjoy the many benefits of taking a break while giving themselves something to look forward to and Water Safari Resort has some great opportunities to help you plan your perfect getaway.”

Water Safari Resort continues to urge Americans to adhere to healthy travel practices—whether one is planning a vacation in the short term or for later this year. U.S. Travel Association’s Travel Confidently toolkit has a wealth of resources and guidance to encourage safe and healthy travel, which includes wearing a mask, frequent hand washing, maintaining physical distance when possible and staying home if feeling sick.

Water Safari Resort is a family fun Adirondack Vacation Destination with over 50 rides, shows, and attractions, including 33 heated outdoor water rides, campground, hotel and more! Water Safari Resort encompasses Enchanted Forest Water Safari, Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park, Old Forge Camping Resort and Water’s Edge Inn.

Enchanted Forest Water Safari is New York’s largest water theme park with more than 50 rides and attractions, including 33 heated water rides with a focus on family fun for all ages. The park also features classic amusement rides, fun food, exciting games, cool shops, private cabanas, storybook themed characters, a family circus show and much more! 315-369-6145

Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park is right next door to Water Safari! Open summer afternoons and evenings. Attractions include go-karts, kiddie go-karts, bumper boats, batting cages, zipline, rock climbing wall, mini golf, the largest arcade in the Adirondacks with over 40 games, and family-friendly food featuring pizza, wings and more! 315-369-6145

Old Forge Camping Resort is located next door to Water Safari offering year-round Adirondack camping and special seasonal themed events and packages. This family-friendly, versatile campground provides heated one-room cabins and two-room cottages with kitchenette and bathroom, as well as RV hook-up sites and tent sites. 1-800-CAMPING or 315-369-6011

Water’s Edge Inn is the premier lakefront Adirondack lodging destination located directly across the street from Water Safari in the heart of Old Forge. The idyllic setting and abundant amenities make Water’s Edge Inn the perfect destination for an Adirondack vacation. Open all year, the hotel features guest rooms, luxury suites, a heated indoor pool, and more! 315-369-2484

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What it’s like visiting Old Forge in Summer

There’s no better time to visit Old Forge than in the summer!

There are so many things you can do to enjoy the sun in Old Forge.

A place that the kids will be dying to go to over summer is Calypso’s Cove!

There are so many things for the whole family to do together! You can enjoy go-karting and rock wall climbing! Or try the thrilling zipline! It reaches speeds up to 21 mph and it’s 300 ft long! Ziplining is an experience that you and your kid will never forget!

Calypso’s Cove also has an arcade with over 40 games! They have the most up-to-date arcade in Old Forge. With games like Skee-Ball and Race Car games, you’ll collect tickets and turn them in for a prize at the Redemption Center. If you want a day full of fun activities, rain or shine, this is defiantly the place to be!

If you are in Old Forge on a nice summer night, then you have to camp at the Old Forge Camping Resort! Our pro tip? Book early, they fill up quickly!

Whether you want to camp in a tent, cabin, or a cottage, camping in the Old Forge Camping Resort is an experience for the whole family. If camping in a tent isn’t your family’s thing, they have beautiful one-room cabins.

If cottages are more your style, they have 60 attractive Adirondack log cottages that comfortably sleep six people! They truly offer something for everyone, so everyone can enjoy their camping experience!

Another great thing to do when in Old Forge is to shop on Main Street!

When in Old Forge, see all the specialty shops! A must-see is Souvenir Village. It’s family own and operated and has been open since 1971! They have a ton of great souvenirs that your family can take home, so you can always remember your wonderful vacation in Old Forge, NY.

Another great shop is Old Forge Hardware. They sell everything from cookware and kitchen gadgets, baking tools, to textiles, books, and more! There are many different kinds of shops and they all have so many different things to offer!

If your family enjoys art then you have to go to View Arts Center!

View Arts has many beautiful art exhibits, many highlight the beauty of the Adirondacks. They also hold performances there as well! Performances consist of concerts and theater plays. Your family and you can also take classes doing anything from pottery or narrative writing, to yoga! So many fun things for the whole family to enjoy!

One thing is for sure; when you come to Old Forge this summer, you will be making great memories with your family that will last a lifetime!

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How to Capture the Perfect Adirondack Nature Photo

Are you an aspiring photographer trying to get your start in nature? The scenic Adirondack parks are the perfect backdrop to practice! Whether you’re shooting a picture of your best friend climbing a tree, a gracefully flying bird, or a simple flower, here are some professional tips for beginners.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Phone

Phone cameras do a great job of capturing images! You can use burst mode to catch an object in motion, portrait mode to have a more clear- cut and focused image, or a built-in zoom lens to photograph dangerous subjects. And after you’ve taken hundreds of pictures, you don’t have to worry about storing them because they go straight to your camera roll. Once you pick the perfect photo, you can then edit it on a free app such as Snapseed or VSCO.

Plan Ahead

Always plan what time of day your shooting, pack all the equipment you may need, know the weather conditions you’re looking for in your photos, and the potential subject of your photos. Being prepared helps you make the most of your time and get the best quality pictures. You should know ahead of time if there’s an abnormal weather condition, so you can plan accordingly. Although a picture of a lightning bolt may be extraordinary, it may not be safe.


Compose A Scene

Each image is a work of art that has its own story to tell, which is why the photographer’s vision is so important. If a picture doesn’t speak to you, don’t use it. If you don’t understand what’s going on in the picture, don’t use it. Try to convey a certain feeling in the photo, whether that be ominous on a dark and gloomy day, or radiantly positive on a bright and sunny day.

Utilize Golden Hours

Golden hour is typically the first hour of light in the morning after the sun rises and the last hour of light in the evening before the sunsets. This is the time of the most appealing light for young photographers and tends to add excellent warmth to pictures. If you’re looking for beautiful, warm pictures of the sky, try capturing a sunrise or sunset on a summers’ day!

Utilize Camera Placement in Lighting

Try to take photos in a spot with even light shining on the subject. To achieve this, a photographer can shoot on a more overcast day or in a shady spot while adjusting the exposure. Exposure refers to the amount of light the camera captures, with regards to aperture, shutter speed, and luminosity. Exposure is brighter when in the natural sunlight outdoors, so it’s important to adjust your camera’s settings accordingly. If photographing a person with a natural background, the exposure can be used to brighten the face or distinguish any dark spots.

Rule of Thirds

This rule states that while using a grid, an image can be divided into equal thirds. Rather than placing the subject of the image in the dead center of the three middle boxes, the photographer should instead keep the subject at one intersection of a horizontal and vertical line. This maintains the intrigue by adding angles that include a sense of perspective and depth to the image.

Include Leading Lines

Leading lines are a very important element of photography in that they make the image visually appealing to the audience, take hold or focus attention on the subject, and provide symmetrical paths for the viewer to easily follow. You can utilize leading lines in your pictures by featuring lines such as railroad tracks, streams, rivers, or bridges.

Pick the Right Background

The background of a photo could make or break the viewers’ connection, feeling, or perception of the subject image. For an eye-catching backdrop, consider using the sky, grass, or a body of water. If you’re trying to catch the perfect image of a squirrel sitting on a tree branch, don’t be afraid to use the leaves as a background! Just stay clear of any distracting objects such as telephone wires, garbage, or animals that sneak their way into the frame.

Know When to Get Up Close and Personal

Depending on the image you’re photographing, you may want to skip the zoom lens and walk right up to the subject. However, if you are capturing a picture of an animal or an otherwise dangerous situation, then use caution. Most animals may be skittish and try to flee when they see you approach. Others can be dangerous to be near, such as bears, mountain lions or wolves. Always understand the type of environment that you are shooting in and don’t bait the animals! If something cannot happen in the animal’s natural environment, then make it happen with Photoshop, rather than in real life.

Take Multiples

Capture lots of pictures to ensure that you have at least five good ones to choose from. Your favorite photo may be one that has an object that wasn’t originally your intended subject. Have patience, take your time, and don’t be discouraged if something happens that wasn’t a part of the plan. Many of the best images have occurred with improvisational thought rather than a solid plan.

If you’re hoping to find an outdoor environment to shoot some nature photos, the Adirondacks are a perfect place to do so! Between hiking trails, lakes, mountains, and campgrounds, Old Forge has got you covered. We hope to see beautiful images from our parks and wish you the best luck!

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5 Ways to Save on your Adirondack Vacation

Want a cheap vacation that everyone in your family will enjoy? Then take your vacation in the Adirondacks! With so many different things to do, everyone in the family is sure to find something they’ll enjoy. Taking your whole family on vacation can be pricey so here are some ways to be smart with your money when vacationing in the Adirondacks!

1. Upgrade to a package!

Stay where you are going. One great way to save is by combining the place you’re staying and the activity your family wants to do! Your children will love spending time at both Enchanted Forest Water Safari and Calypso’s Cove. You’ll receive discounted tickets to both when you stay at Water’s Edge Inn or Old Forge Camping Resort. Water’s Edge Inn is a premier lodging destination and the Old Camping Resort provides you with the ultimate camping experience with cabins, tents & RV sites. Getting discounted tickets is only a stay away with Stay ‘N Play packages.

2. Enjoy the Outdoors!

The Adirondacks offer so many beautiful hikes and trails! Take advantage of the backdrop nature has to offer [let’s celebrate FREE!]. There are trails and hikes for everyone and it’s a great way to keep the kids busy and get out all that energy. To name a few kid-friendly trails and mountains: Bald Mountain, McCauley Mountain, Death, and Brook Falls.

3. Strand Theatre

Another thing you will want to do is go to The Strand Movie Theater. The prices are unbeatable and who doesn’t like to watch a good movie! The four-screen cinema holds a lot of history inside, it’s something you will definitely want to see!

4. Kayaking and Canoeing

Another fun activity that you can do with your family that’s in your budget is renting kayaks or canoes! Renting canoes and kayaks are available in Old Forge, check out these excellent businesses: Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company, Rivett’s Marine Recreation & Service, Inc. and Tickner’s Canoes. Save your money and have an unforgettable vacation with your family in the Adirondacks!

5. Camp Outside!

Want to save money? Instead of paying for a hotel why not camp in a tent! The Old Forge Camping Resort is a wonderful place to bring the family to go REAL camping. They always have fun adventures for the kids like nature walks, tie-dye, and so much more! Everyone should experience camping in a tent, why not do it in the beautiful nature Old Forge has to offer!

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Vacationing with Kids

Vacationing with kids, especially when they are young is not always the easiest thing in the world. However, when you see their faces light up with excitement at the adventures ahead of them, you know that you’re making memories that will last a lifetime. At Calypso’s Cove, we have an assortment of rides and activities for all ages so that everyone in your family can have fun while spending time together!

Guests enjoying a Go-Kart ride on the track at Calypso's.


The tracks of Calypso’s Cove are competitive and exciting as friends and family race to become the ultimate driving champion. For the younger members of the family who want to drive themselves, but are too young for the big track, we offer kiddie go-karts where kids ages 5 to 11 can get behind the wheel of their own race car!

Bumper Boats

Compete with your family to see who can get the others the wettest! This is a great ride for the whole family, and if your little one is too young to drive themselves, then they can hop into a two-passenger bumper boat with someone else in the family! The Bumper Boat fun experience is enhanced by the water cannons to soak other boaters.

Mini Golf

Mini golf is a classic way to have fun and a great activity for your entire family! In fact, our 18-hole golf course is a scaled-down version of a championship course. Also, our course is open to all ages with parents’ supervision so that your entire family can take part in some relaxing fun on your vacation.

Adults and children enjoying a game of skeet-ball in the arcade at Calypso's.

Arcade & Games

At Calypso’s Cove, we have over 40 arcade games in our state-of-the-art arcade, which is the largest in the Adirondack State Park. From ski ball to race car games, we have something to entertain all your kids! Plus, you have the chance to win tickets as you play, which can be redeemed for great prizes!


Our zip-line is an exhilarating ride for any of the thrill-seekers in your family! As you propel 300 ft down our side by side zip-lines, you can reach up to 21 miles per hour creating an exhilarating experience that will have you wanting to go again. The best part is that if you do want to go again, it is no hassle because we are able to ensure up to 90 guests can ride per hour so that there is little to no wait time for you!

Rock-Climbing Wall

Reach new heights of fun on our rock-climbing wall! Our wall has multiple skill levels so that everyone who wants to can enjoy the climb. Plus, if you are up to a challenge then you can keep climbing until you’ve conquered all the levels!

Batting Cages

Batter Up! Step up to the plate and try your hand in our batting cages! Our automatic pitches range from softball speeds right up to major league fastballs, so no matter your skill level, anyone from beginners to pros can enjoy our batting cages.

At Calypso’s Cove we know that family is important, that’s why we have fun for all ages. We strive to give you the fun, relaxing vacation along with great memories of time spent with your family.

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Enchanted Forest Water Safari Ranked in Top 5 Water Parks in the US

Enchanted Forest Water Safari Ranked in Top 5 Water Parks in the US

OLD FORGE, NY — Enchanted Forest Water Safari (EFWS) part of Water Safari Resort has been named as a winner in the 2019 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice® Attractions awards as one of the top 25 water parks in the United States for the sixth year in a row. Based on an algorithm that takes into account both the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings of amusement and water parks over a 12-month period, Enchanted Forest Water Safari in Old Forge was named No. 4 on the list compiled for 2019.

EFWS is New York’s largest water theme park with more than 50 rides and attractions, including 32 water rides. The park also features classic amusement rides for all ages, fun food, exciting games, storybook characters, a family circus show and more.

“We are thrilled to receive this award for the sixth year in a row! Thank you to everyone for putting us at the top! It takes a great team to make this award possible, including our hard-working team members and our guests.” said Katie Wojdyla, Vice President and Director of Marketing for EFWS. “We strive to provide safe, clean, family fun with unprecedented value and service as our main goals. Especially gratifying is that the top three parks on the list are in Florida, making Water Safari number one outside of Florida!”

The Water Park is part of Water Safari Resort, which includes Water’s Edge Inn, Old Forge Camping Resort and Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park. Past visitors to the park have expressed their experience with reviews on TripAdvisor, “Another wonderful family adventure” “Best waterpark in the area” “Always a fun experience!” “Best day with grandkids” “A family tradition”.

The Travelers’ Choice Attractions awards honor the top 1% of attractions worldwide based on millions of valuable reviews and opinions from TripAdvisor travelers. TripAdvisor has highlighted the world’s top attractions using an algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for amusement parks and water parks worldwide, gathered over a 12-month period. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall TripAdvisor bubble rating of at least four out of five, have a minimum number of reviews and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months.

About TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, enables travelers to unleash the full potential of every trip. With over 630 million reviews and opinions covering the world’s largest selection of travel listings worldwide – covering approximately 7.5 million accommodations, airlines, experiences, and restaurants — TripAdvisor provides travelers with the wisdom of the crowds to help them decide where to stay, how to fly, what to do and where to eat. TripAdvisor also compares prices from more than 200 hotel booking sites so travelers can find the lowest price on the hotel that’s right for them. TripAdvisor-branded sites are available in 49 markets and are home to the world’s largest travel community of 455 million average monthly unique visitors, all looking to get the most out of every trip. Travelers can also follow the conversation on Twitter at #travelerschoice.

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Enchanted Forest Water Safari is more than Rides!

Enchanted Forest Water Safari is more than Rides!

Once upon a time in the magical kingdom of Enchanted Forest Water Safari, there was a Pirate Princess.

Every day she would visit Storybook Lane, a magical realm where her favorite fairy tales lived. From Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to Ali Baba’s Cave and Humpty Dumpty on his wall, the Pirate Princess spent each day visiting over twenty of her favorite storybook characters who came to life in this unique land. The princess would hear stories of the exciting adventures all of the characters had been on. Amazed by these tales of exploration the Pirate Princess decided to have an adventure of her own.

Venturing out of Storybook Lane the Pirate Princess happened upon Timber Bear’s Barnyard. Timber Bear eagerly welcomed her into his barnyard and showed her some of his friendly sheep, goats, and birds. The Pirate Princess quickly became friends with all of the animals as she pet and fed them. As much as she wanted to stay, there was still so much of her kingdom that she had not explored, so the Pirate Princess said goodbye to all of her new barnyard friends and continued on her adventure.

The Pirate Princess wandered down the road wondering what she would see next when out of the corner of her eye she caught something moving high in the sky. As she got closer the Pirate Princess realized that she had found a circus. The princess watched in wonder as the performers juggled, walked the trapeze, hula hooped, and rode a motorcycle in a giant steel globe. They put in the best performance she had ever seen (and the princess had been to a lot of circuses). But, the festivities were winding down, so the princess went to see what other fun she could find.

The Pirate Princess decided to visit Dawson City next and didn’t have to wander far before she caught the unmistakable sound of Rocky & the Ramblin’ Rascals. She ran the rest of the way to Klondike Kate’s Saloon and danced to her favorite band. She danced till her stomach started to rumble and the decided to go on a quest for lunch. On her quest for lunch, the princess spotted the Candy Store.

However, the Pirate Princess knew the Queen would not be happy if the princess had candy for lunch, so she went next door for some pizza, wings, and salad before stopping into the Candy Store, where she bought as much candy as she could carry.

Outside of the Candy Store, the princess happened upon Johnny Rio, the best shooter in the Kingdom. So, the Pirate Princess set her candy aside and tried her hand against Johnny at the Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery. It took her a few tries, but finally, the Princess beat Johnny Rio at target shooting.

Excited and tired from her busy day the Pirate Princess gathered up all of her candy and headed back to her castle to tell the King and Queen all about her day and how much fun she had on her adventures. The Pirate Princess couldn’t wait to go on another adventure and continue to explore the wonderful kingdom of Enchanted Forest Water Safari.

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Indoor Fun in Old Forge

We all know that Old Forge is known for many of our outdoor activities and attractions, such as McCauley Mountain, the hiking trails, and going to the beach. Well, you’ve only got half the story! Old Forge features many fun and exciting indoor attractions and activities too! Check out all of the fun possibilities below:

Take a stroll down Main Street

Main Street in Old Forge is where many of the local shops and businesses are located. Along Main St. you will find various shops that sell unique and one of a kind pieces and delicious treats, such as homemade fudge, locally made soy candles, and hand-carved wooden artifacts. Some of the shops have been passed down from generation to generation. Take the day and walk up and down Main St. and view all the wonderful shops that are there. There is sure to be a favorite for everyone in the family.

No trip is complete without picking up a souvenir!

Take in a movie

Watch a new movie release at the Strand Theatre in Old Forge. The Strand Theater opened in the 1920s and was originally known as the Thompson Theatre. Today, the Strand Theatre screens the latest movies and offers loads of snacks for the moviegoers. As you walk around the theatre you will also see a lot of vintage theater and movie items, ranging from old cameras and equipment to old movie posters, and much more.

The Strand Theatre is a locally owned and operated movie theater and is a sure place for guests to go watch a new movie and enjoy some delicious snacks from the snack bar. Check out their website for movie times and listings!

Enjoy local and regional art

View Arts is the local art center located in Old Forge, just past Enchanted Forest Water Safari. View offers visitors an array of exhibitions, ranging from work by local artists to national artists. They not only feature exhibitions and galleries; they also offer classes and host performances. Classes range from pottery making to photography, and wellness classes, with many more in between. Make sure to stop in the gift shop located in the art center. View offers guests a unique and rich experience and is a sure stop for some indoor fun.

Exhibitions are always changing so check them out to see what is going on!

Take a walk on The Wild Side

Just past Old Forge in Tupper Lake is The Wild Center. The Wild Center features living and hands-on exhibits designed to connect people to nature and showcase the regions natural environment. The Wild Center offers both indoor and outdoor exhibits and activities. Some of the indoor activities include the animal’s exhibit which is home to more than 900 live Adirondack animals! Some of the animals include otters, owls, snakes, and fresh-water fish. Their daily animal encounters bring you up close and personal with snakes, turtles, blue jays, owls, and porcupines.

One of their newer exhibits is Planet Adirondack. This exhibit gives guests a space-eye view of earth, and by using a high-tech system of cameras, the staff can show you incredible views from space. You can also see everything from airplanes taking off and landing across the planet in a 24-hour period, to watching storms in real time.

If you want to enjoy some of their outdoor exhibits, make sure to visit The Wild Walk. The Wild Walk allows you to experience beautiful and breathtaking views of nature from the treetops of the Adirondacks. You can also lay or walk across a large woven spider’s web or climb up into a large eagle’s nest and enjoy the remarkable view!

Make this a definite stop for some family fun and great memories!

Play in the arcade

Take the family to play some fun arcade games or on an adventure at one of Calypso’s Cove’s attractions! Calypso’s Cove is located right next to Enchanted Forest Water Safari and offers many arcade games for guests to play and enjoy. Calypso’s Cove has over 40 games and has the most up to date arcade games. Games range from Skee-Ball to race car games and everything in between! Admission into Calypso’s Cove is free, and they are a pay as you play arcade, meaning you only pay for the games you want to play.

After the family plays all of the fun games make sure to stop by the redemption center to redeem all of their tickets for cool and fun prizes. There are a lot of cool prizes to choose from! While at Calypso’s Cove make sure to grab something to eat from a variety of food and drink options.

When the sun is out, venture outside for Calypso’s outdoor activities, go-karts, bumper boats, and rock climbing – to name a few. They’re open until 10pm, so stay and play for hours. No day is complete without playing some fun arcade games. Make sure to take the entire family to Calypso’s Cove and play the fun and exciting arcade games. This is sure to be fun for the entire family.

Hotel Adventures

After a day of exploring Old Forge and the surrounding areas, you may want to just relax in the hotel room for a bit. Why not enjoy all that the hotel has to offer? At Water’s Edge Inn, there are many amenities and activities for guests to enjoy. They have an indoor heated pool, a dry sauna, arcade games, and board games. Once the family gets tired out from all the fun, take them back to the room and have a summer camp in! The beds could be your sleeping bags, or you could make your own sleeping area on the floor. You could tell scary stories, and camp stories, play games, eat fun treats and anything else that you can think of. Be creative and have fun with it! This is fun for everyone, especially for the kids.

Who says camping is only for the outdoors?

Old Forge is known for many outdoor activities and attractions, but we are equally as known for our indoor activities and attractions too. Next time you visit Old Forge make sure to visit some or all of these places and enjoy all of the indoor fun!

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Ways To Save at Water Safari & Calypso’s Cove

Ways To Save at Water Safari & Calypso’s Cove

Who doesn’t love fun and savings? At Water Safari Resort we have it all and here are just a few of the ways that you can save on your next visit.

Stay ‘N Play Packages

Stay at Water’s Edge Inn or Old Forge Camping Resort, both named Top 10 Adirondack Vacations by Resorts and Lodges. When you stay with us you can get discounted tickets to Enchanted Forest Water Safari and Calypso’s Cove, so that you can make the most out of your Adirondack Vacation.

Buy Tickets Online

By using our websites and buying your tickets online you can save a dollar on all your tickets! That means that you can use the money you save on something like ice cream, which will make your day of fun even better.


All summer long we have contests on all our Facebook pages where you can win various prizes including free tickets to Water Safari! Our contests are fun, easy, and sometimes daily! So play for your chance to save!

Good Any Day Discount Tickets

This is another fun and easy way to save. When shopping on your vacation stop in a participating CNY business and purchase discounted tickets. By buying tickets this way, you can approximately save over $7.50 on a regular adult admission ticket!

Siesta Savings

Now, this is a deal! Enter Enchanted Forest Water Safari Any Day after 3:00 pm with any type of ticket and the next day is FREE! Yes, you read that right, admission the next day is free. (Siesta Savings is valid at 2:00 pm on days when the park closes before 6:00 pm. Offer not valid when redeeming a Siesta Pass)

Paul Bunyan Club Card

The savings continue! With the Paul Bunyan Club Card, you can return to the park as many times as you like for the remainder of the season at HALF PRICE! Joining is easy. After your initial visit to the park, you can become a member for just a nominal fee.

Season Passes

Our Season Pass is a classic way to save! For one low rate, you can come as many times as you like ALL season long! The pass pays for itself in just 3 visits! And has additional perks like coupons on food or attractions – now that’s savings!

Discounted Group Rates

Enchanted Forest Water Safari is a great place for a vacation! Share the experience by visiting with all your friends and family – using discounted group rates for everyone, school groups, youth groups, scouts, churches, summer camps, birthday parties, family groups, and more. Discounted group rates are a great way to save. Plus add some tasty foods to the mix with great discounts on an array of options.

Two boys riding the go-karts at Calypso's Cove.

Two boys riding the go-karts at Calypso’s Cove.

Calypso’s Cove

From go-karts, batting cages, and mini golf to the arcade, zip lining, and more there is so much fun to be had at Calypso’s Cove! You can save on all this family fun – we encourage you to take advantage of our discounted family fun deal or our bulk ticket pricing!

Year ‘Round Discounted Events, Offers & Packages with our Lodging Facilities:

When summer comes to an end, the savings and fun continue at the Old Forge Camping Resort and Water’s Edge Inn! All year-round we offer savings and fun with special events, offers, and packages on exciting local activities.

At Water Safari Resort we have something for everyone all year-round. So, if you’re looking for a fun and affordable getaway stay with us at Water’s Edge Inn or Old Forge Camping Resort!

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The One Stop Spot for Family Fun

Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park is located directly in front of Enchanted Forest Water Safari in Old Forge, NY and features a zip line, Brand New Go-Karts, Bumper Boats, Batting Cages, Rock Climbing Wall, Mini Golf, Arcade, Prize Center, Family Friendly Food, Ice Cream and more! Open afternoons and evenings end of June – Labor Day. Open Memorial Day Weekend. Our hours of operation can be found on our website here.

Guests enjoying a Go-Kart ride on the track at Calypso's.

Calypso’s Cove is the largest Arcade in the Adirondacks with over 40 of the most iconic and state-of-the-art video games! See how you compare with your family at hand-eye dexterity games and compete for great prizes. Rain or shine, there’s lots of family fun inside at Calypso’s Cove.

Take to the sky and soar above the trees at our exhilarating zip line. Overlooking some of the most beautiful views in the Adirondacks enjoy breathtaking scenery during a thrilling ride.

Calypso’s Cove All-Inclusive Birthday Party Package combines great food and fun activities for an exceptional birthday party experience at an affordable price!

Food items include family favorites like Pizza, Burgers, Walk away Taco, boardwalk fries, salads, wraps, Deep Fried Chicken Wing Dip and more.

Calypso’s Cove not only has tons of family fun but has Affordable Family Fun for everyone! Go Karts and Bumper boats require a paid ticket for the driver and the kids ride free! Old Forge has something for everyone. Check out our Family Weekend Getaways Guide for even more family fun ideas.

After climbing and exploring the day away, spend the night at Water’s Edge Inn or Old Forge Camping Resort and plot your adventure for the day ahead.

Posted by Carrie Klepadlo in Calypso's Cove Blog